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Teton Smart Security Success Story

By January 10, 2022No Comments

Teton Smart Security designs, installs and services high-quality, “smart” security systems in both residential and commercial applications.  They are experts in the industry and have earned a stellar reputation, not only with their customers, but with professionals who have observed and worked with them over the past few years.

The couple’s impact goes far beyond quality installations, as Sean and Christine have a genuine respect for others.  Teton Smart Security was built from the ground up through nurturing, caring and compassionate relationships with customers and stakeholders.

Prior to launching their own company in 2011, Sean started working in the trenches for a security company. Through a lot of hard work and effort, Sean was able to advance to become Regional Technical Manager.  Sean facilitated the launch of several offices around the U.S., while Christine worked for a major telecommunications firm.  Together the couple recognized the poor service customers received in the industry on a number of fronts. One observation in particular did not sit well with Sean and Christine, as they witnessed how customer relationships were a lower priority over “getting the sale.”  Many customers didn’t fully realize what they were signing up for.

Another observation the couple noticed, was many competitors offer customers security systems and services that provide inferior protection. For example, many video surveillance systems cannot create clear-enough-images for investigators to identify the faces, or license plates of intruders, which is a primary reason they were installed in the first place. Teton Smart Security, on the other hand, shines in comparison to the rest, and is recommended by its customers and law enforcement, as one of the best in the region. Teton Security has helped many commercial businesses in the area, but one commercial customer in particular had a chain of retail stores experiencing up to 15 incidents of theft per month. After switching to Teton Smart Security, the commercial chain has had significant success in mitigating the problem.

Instead of traditional security systems, Teton Smart Security offers newer, state-of-the-art smart security solutions.  Beyond traditional services like fire, theft, property protection and carbon monoxide monitoring, they also provide high-quality, real time, mobile video monitoring and remote home control.  This provides much greater peace of mind, security, comfort, and real cost savings through features and benefits such as programmable thermostats and reduced insurance rates. Teton Security also provides rapid customized solutions with attention to detail.

After the launch of the business, and as the business was operating successfully, it started to grow and grow it did.  Last year alone, company sales grew by almost 300%!  When you get to know the Garners, their ethics, their attention to detail, and their passion it’s easy to understand why.

Part of their success has been attributed to working with the SBDC.  According to Christine, “It’s seriously made a night and day difference.  We’ve had such an empowering experience with the SBDC. They’ve been like our friends helping us to make a true impact on the world.”             For more information visit their website at