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Our Company Retreat to Jackson Hole

By January 10, 2022No Comments

Recently, we here at Teton Smart Security felt that after months and months of dedicated, quality work, we needed a little vacation. So, we made some reservations in our very own backyard (Jackson Hole to be exact. Highly recommend it to casual adventurers and thrill seekers alike)! What an experience! Not only did we enjoy the breathtaking sights of Jackson, but we grew as a team. We laughed together, ate together, and worked together to overcome all obstacles in our way.

We started the day bright and early! We were off and on our way to Jackson (all seated comfortably in the boss man’s economically impressive F-150 with an Eco-boost motor. If you’re in the market for versatile, durable pickups, I highly recommend that as well). We took the scenic route through Swan Valley, enjoying the natural beauty of the landscape as the sun rose above the hills. What a sight! We finally made it to Jackson, and began our first activity: off-roading in some new Polaris Can-Ams (another purchase I HIGHLY recommend)!

We took the trails up into the mountains, climbing over washed out roads, scaling crumbling hillside roads, ripping through mud, and crossing over running rivers. Man, those machines were awesome! As we tested the limits of these amazing machines, we also learned valuable lessons in leading, following, and sharing. Team unity was growing. If the day had just been spent driving these things it would have been a day for the books! But the day got even better!

After our off-road extravaganza, we made a quick fuel stop at one of the local restaurants (rumored to have the best Philly Cheesesteak sandwich in the area. They weren’t kidding.) These sandwiches were amazing! A half-pound of hearty steak, grilled onions and bell peppers, and cheese that had melted like an ice cube on a sizzling summer day. Oh, how memorable it was! A testament to the fact that nothing brings people together like a mind-blowing cheesesteak. But once the meal was finished, we were off again to our final activity!

We arrived at Mad River Tours a little bit before 3:30. We geared up and headed out with the group, and made our way to the satisfyingly chilly Snake River. As chance would have it, we had a raft all to ourselves (Just another opportunity for the team to continue growing in strength). The guide ran through the instructions with us, and from our understanding, we were in for quite the show. We hit the river and started our 8-mile journey. The water was cold, the sun was hot (and then it was not… mostly because the clouds came). We hit the rapids, played games, learned to never trust a river-guide, and how to properly embark an opposing raft with a dreadlock-wearing tour-guide.

We worked together though! Not just in paddling the raft, but in the games, in the challenges, in the attacks, and in the cleanup. Everything we did, we did as a team. It was a testament that teams are built and strengthened in all things. And our team came out on top. We left that day with an enhanced sense of comradery. And the days that have followed have only proved that again and again.

So here at Teton Smart Security, we want to introduce you to our team. We are here to help you, work with you, and enjoy great times with you. Thank you for letting us serve you, and we hope to continue aiding you in all your security needs.

On behalf of all of us here at Teton Smart Security, have happy summer days, and secure summer nights!